Trimming A Christmas TreeHow to Trim Your Christmas Tree - A Christmas Tree Decorating book written by R. Kathleen Dillon, illustrated by Mike Cody

How to Trim Your Christmas Tree BookHow to Trim Your Christmas Tree
How to Trim Your Christmas Tree BookFrom choosing it and putting it up, to taking it down – easy-to-follow tips, hints & techniques!
How to Trim A Christmas Tree



How to Trim A Christmas Tree

Paperback / 50 Pages
Beautifully Illustrated

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Christmas Tree
Trimming A Christmas Tree
The Story Behind The Book...

Years ago a niece of mine volunteered to help when I was running behind with preparation for my tree trimming party. Both she & her boyfriend were known for their artistic abilities so I assigned to them the task of hanging the lights on the tree while I dashed out on some errands.

I arrived back home to find a tree that looked like a ball of yarn after three kittens have played with it! My niece, who will remain anonymous, said, "But, Auntie, I don’t know how the lights go on." "Obviously not,” said I – and the idea of this book was born. It’s a compilation of what I've learned from my grandparents, friends who come to our annual tree trimming party, research and my own mistakes experience.

The lucky thing for all of us is that a classic, cluttered tree looks wonderful no matter what. I love trimming our tree even though I’m not skilled. With the help of the excellent advice in How to Trim Your Christmas Tree, my own tree still will never look like an artistic window display. What the book does do, though, is share basic knowledge. It gives you a list of what you need to do to avoid those, "Oh, no! I forgot…" moments. It also gives helpful hints for minimizing "holiday tension" by giving easy-to-follow guidelines for the entire tree trimming ritual. Every single friend of mine who read it as I was working on it learned something new. I can almost guarantee that you will too.

R. Kathleen Dillon
How to Trim Your Christmas Tree Book

How to Trim Your Christmas TreeCopyright © 2002-07 R. Kathleen Dillon. All rights reserved. Library of Congress Card Number ISBN 0-9640746-9-9

How to Trim Your Christmas Tree

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